Social Media Optimization

Increase your traffic, search engine rankings, brand awareness, and online presence through Social Media Optimization

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Social Media Management

We'll create, and optimize your business pages to best represent your business. This includes your company bio, cover photo, company logo, link to your website and phone number.

Resources & Reporting Platform

Keep track of your social media campaigns with access to reporting and analytics. You'll also receive access to the best social media practices and ideas.

Social Post Manager

You'll have access to all of your posts through our Social Post Manager. It's designed to help you monitor, review, create, and publish your social posts across all three networks.

Content Posting, & Distribution

We find engaging & trending content relevant to your business to share with your audience. Once your page is setup, we'll deliver these posts biweekly. You will be given two days before they post.

Facebook Ads

We will build your brand awareness by using Facebook ads to help drive traffic to your facebook page. Your monthly budget for facebook ads is based on the program you've selected.

Customer Engagement & Sharing

We will engage your customers to help boost your traffic and brand awareness by getting your posts likes & shares.

Bundler Basic Pro Executive Premier
Pricing $199/mo $299/mo $499/mo $699/mo $999/mo
FREE Consultation FREE Consultation FREE Consultation FREE Consultation FREE Consultation
 Social Media Setup Call
 Facebook Company Page Creation
 Twitter Company Account Creation
 LinkedIn Company Page Creation
 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Page Optimization*
 General Customer Support
 Social Post Manager
 Social Engagement Resources
 Reporting Platform**
 3 Curated Social Posts (per week)* 3 3 3 4 5
 Facebook Ads (per month)** $30 $100 $150 $200
 Company Page Maintenance
 Dedicated Account Manager Support
 Branded Social Posts (per month)* 1 2